How Bundling 3pl Services Benefits Your Company

Many 3pl providers offer multiple services that can benefit your company. From warehousing to distribution and transportation, 3pl companies can organize your operations under one single roof. Creating this kind of simplicity allows 3pl providers to fill orders quickly, accurately and efficiently. In addition, bundling your services allows you to work with one single customer service representative who can provide you with logistics solutions for all of your company’s needs.

On top of enhanced customer service and convenience, there are more advantages to bundling your services with your 3pl provider. Here are three ways your company can succeed by outsourcing multiple services to a 3pl provider.


Having one single 3pl provider managing your entire supply chain gives you the ability to use services as you need them. For example, when your company is growing and expanding your demand also increases. Outsourcing all your logistics management needs to a 3pl provider allows you to increase your services in times of profitability, while also allowing you to decrease services when your company’s growth levels out, or if your company faces a decline in demand.

Improved Pricing

Outsourcing multiple logistics needs to a 3pl provider can be more cost-effective than outsourcing single operations or managing needs in-house. When a 3pl company has control of logistics management from start to finish, they can provide more certainty in pricing projects and thus, offer improved pricing.

Strong Partnerships

Outsourcing your logistics management needs with one 3pl provider allows you to build a strong working relationship with your 3pl provider. This relationship allows 3pl companies to fully understand your needs so they can offer you the best solutions at the best prices. When your 3pl provider understands all of your company’s needs, they can simplify your supply chain with ease and add value to your operations.

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